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Mondays aren’t the best. But dancing is. 

Move your feet to the beat this week and check out the tunes!

Jumbo Dumbo Puppy by Shinji Murakami at the DUMBO Arts Festival! Keep a look out for the #FACULTY review! #DAF2014 #DUMBO #brooklyn #nyc # (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)

Psychic Blur by Joel Fitzpatrick at the DUMBO Arts Festival. #DAF2014 #brooklyn #DUMBO @dumboartsfestival @dumbobid (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)

Random Generators by Anjali Deshmukh at the DUMBO Arts Festival! #DAF2014 #DUMBO #brooklyn #nyc (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)

On our way out of #Photoville last night, we had to stop by the beautiful Reflection/Kolonihavehus! We’re headed back to the Brooklyn Bridge Park today for #DAF2014! #brooklyn #dumbo #arts (at Brooklyn Bridge Park)

#Photoville2014 is popping off this evening! #DUMBO (at Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Sunsets on the rooftop after this rainy day. #dumbo #sunset #nyc (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)

Our favorite time of year in Brooklyn is when the DUMBO Arts Festival comes to our neighborhood.

At that time, is now, ladies and gentlemen.

DAF2014 is here in the heart of DUMBO, kicking off Friday September 26th until September 28th. The official guide and map is out on the website so it’s time to start planning your weekend! 

Also, Photoville is going on and will be back this weekend starting Thursday and will be a part of the festival! Check out Dumbo.Is’s pick of Top 5 Photoville Galleries.

We’ll see you at the festival this weekend!

Check out the profile we did for @cranetv with NY based design studio, @fort_standard! (at fb.com/FACULTYny)